Save A Dog Baby of Ants swarm

expected new baby girl a week old was found by a dog lying by the roadside in Pinrang District, South Sulawesi. When found, the baby was wrapped in a piece of cloth gloves and blankets, as well as being surrounded by swarms of ants.
It was unclear who the parents of these innocent babies. To be sure, the discovery of these infants had horrendous residents around the site. The tiny baby is now in intensive care in an incubator space Lasinrang General Hospital, Pinrang, Thursday (08/09/2012) morning.

Results of hospital doctors to make sure that this beautiful baby girl born without the defect and the condition is otherwise healthy. The baby's body weight 2.5 kg and body length of 46 centimeters.
The owner of the dog, Hamiya, recounts, around 06.00 pm he went into the fields with a pet dog. On the way, Hamiya suspicious because the dog is named Boby the dog suddenly came over and licked the bundle of cloth on the roadside under the oak. Once seen, it was wrapped in cloth was a baby.
Although found in a state surrounded by swarms of ants, the baby did not cry or rebel. This baby has just dumped her parents thought before it was discovered the people. Hamiyah who found this baby was frightened and reluctant to go over and check out more details of this poor baby. Because of not daring alone, Hamiyah calling residents and asking for help to the baby was taken to hospital.
"I was scared and trembling, sir. So I call someone else to help the boy to be brought to the hospital," said Hamiyah.
Separately, the Invisible Adjunct Criminal Police Commissioner Ilyas Pinrang Ardy says it is investigating traces of this innocent baby's parents. A number of witnesses are being examined to trace the officer's parents who could dispose of her own baby.
"We're seriously considering cases of the discovery of this baby. A number of witnesses have been questioned to uncover the scandal disposal of this baby. Hopefully his parents footsteps could be traced," said Ilyas.
Since news of the discovery of this beautiful baby got out, a number of curious residents who deliberately went to the Rose Room 1 Lasinrang General Hospital to be able to witness this horrendous baby.

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